Why a Day’s Visit to Graaff-Reinet in the Great Karoo is Simply not Enough

You can now book your Graaff-Reinet accommodation online at KarooRus where you can save on accommodation costs and have the benefit of a central location in the historical town set in the Great Karoo. But, why book Graaff-Reinet accommodation, whether telephonically or online? The answer is straightforward. It is a town that has so much to offer the visitor that one day is just not enough to see and experience everything. Below are some interesting facts about Graaff-Reinet, giving you an indication why it is such a popular tourist destination in South Africa.

The town is located on the Sundays River, giving it a romantic setting in the Great Karoo. It is also the fourth oldest magisterial district in the country, which adds to its historical spirit. With over two hundred years of people coming and going, it has developed quite a unique character. From prospectors to farmers, travelling salesmen, tourists, and adventurers have roamed its streets. The town is completely surrounded by the Camdeboo National Park, giving the visitor ample opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. The Park is home to the Valley of Desolation, known for its magnificent rock formations. It is also home to numerous animal, bird, and plant species.

With well over 190 historical buildings, it is a photographer’s haven and certainly the best place to visit if you love history, Victorian buildings, arts, and antiques. Many famous people, important political figures, and even some infamous people are associated with the town. Anton Rupert, well-known South African billionaire came from Graaff-Reinet and his family played an important role in restoration of the town.  Another distinguished figure, political activist Robert Sobukwe, also once called Graaff-Reinet his hometown.

Apart from 220 heritage sites, buildings, and museums, such as Graaff-Reinet House and the majestic Dutch Reformed mother church, built in the same style as the Salisbury Cathedral of Great Britain, people also find the place interesting for its oddities such as the Graaff-Reinet Club. The Club once hosted the British Cold Stream Regiment of Foot Guards. Legend has it that, at the end of the Anglo-Boer War, the Cold Stream Regiment members headed to the club to celebrate the British victory and did it with guns and bullets. They partied until late and in their happy, drunken state found it necessary to fire shots, leaving bullet holes throughout the bar.

Then there are also the many mysteries and local ghost stories that provide for some hair-raising moments and loads of humour. If ever there has been a town and place where you can reconnect with history, your roots, arts, and nature in the heart of a semi-desert, then it is Graaff-Reinet. From exhilarating nature walks in the Camdeboo to water sports at the Nqweba Dam, and fine dining, including gourmet Karoo lamb curry, will form part of your vacation.

So, come along and experience why so many people book accommodation in Graaff-Reinet online for one or two days and then decide to stay a week or longer.

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