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Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Stay at a Guest House in Graaff-Reinet

As one of the oldest towns in South Africa, Graaff-Reinet offers an endless list of places to visit, things to do, and sights to see. The town is popular amongst tourists who, whether for business stay-overs or leisure holidays, stop by to explore all of the interesting curiosities and places of interest. Nearby sites such as the Camdeboo National Park, as well as restaurants, historical buildings, museums, and shops are all draws for South Africans and international travellers alike who have heard of this Gem of the Karoo and its enchantment. While there are plenty of places to stay in Graaff-Reinet, a guest house offers more than just a bed to sleep. Below, we take a look at questions to ask yourself before you make your guest house booking.

Does It Meet My Needs?

Booking a stay at a guest house in Graaff-Reinet without doing proper research is not recommended. You need to know that your needs will be met. Consider, for example, how many beds you would need, and whether or not you would require an en-suite bathroom with a shower for easy accessibility. Other options like a play area for kids or a pet-friendly room are also important to think about. Some facilities and amenities to keep in mind include:

  • Air conditioning (especially during summer).
  • DStv-enabled televisions.
  • A private entrance.
  • Free WiFi.

Is It Big Enough?

Trying to cram too many people into a single room is something guests tend to do when they want to save money, but this often makes for an unpleasant stay. If you really want a relaxing, worthwhile holiday, ensure to book a stay at a guest house in Graaff-Reinet that offers spacious accommodation at a reasonable rate.

Is It Self-Catering?

Because the town of Graaff-Reinet offers so many world-class restaurants and spots for grabbing a bite, you will likely want to spend most days dining out and trying some of that famous Karoo lamb. For days you wish to stay in, however, it might be cost-effective to have a braai or make your own meals, such as a light breakfast or brunch. A self-catering guest house will offer you all the necessary facilities to ensure you can make meals at your leisure.

How Far Away Are Local Tourist Hotspots?

Right in the heart of Graaff-Reinet is where you want to be. This means you can travel around town on foot, exploring all the wonders up close and in person. Booking a stay too far away from the centre of town puts you at a disadvantage because it means you will need to drive (or use public transport) to get anywhere, which steals from the thrill of discovering all the area has to offer.

Does It Look Neat and Clean?

While you may be seeking the cheapest possible accommodation, keep in mind that it may come at a price. Shabby accommodation that does not seem clean or well taken care of should be avoided. It is best to spend a little more, safe in the knowledge that you are living in an environment that meets standard health and safety requirements.

For a luxury, self-catering guest house only a stone’s throw away from all the splendour Graaff-Reinet has to offer, be sure to book your stay with us at KarooRus.

Graaff-Reinet Accommodation

Experience the Wonders of South African History with a Stay at Our Graaff-Reinet Accommodation

Walk the quiet streets of the historical town of Graaff-Reinet, and you might just feel as though you have been transported a couple of centuries back in time. That’s because the town is one of the oldest currently in South Africa, having been established in 1786. Lining the streets of the town are well-preserved historical homes and buildings such as churches and museums. That’s not all this Gem of the Karoo (as it is fondly called) has to offer, however, as there is plenty more to do than just sight-see. Guests who join us for a stay at our luxury Graaff-Reinet accommodation are never bored, and below we explore why.

  1. Reinet House Museum

If you are interested in the history behind the town of Graaff-Reinet, then you simply cannot miss out on a visit to the famous Reinet House Museum. There are other museums in the town too, but Reinet House will capture the interest of anyone who enjoys period décor and curiosities. The museum, not far from our accommodation, KarooRus, is home to a weird and wonderful array of furnishings, doll collections, kitchen utensils, haberdashery, clothing, and even blacksmith displays.

  • The Camdeboo National Park

The Camdeboo National Park boasts an astounding ecosystem of 43 mammal species, 249 bird species, and 336 plant species. This park surrounds the town of Graaff-Reinet and is not a far drive from our accommodation. There is plenty to do in the park for those who cannot get enough of the great outdoors. Fun activities include:

  • Visiting picnic spots and braai facilities.
  • 4×4 off-road trails.
  • Birdwatching.
  • Fishing.
  • Game drives.
  • Scenic hiking and walking trails.
  • The Jan Rupert Centre

Those seeking a little culture while visiting Graaff-Reinet will enjoy the Jan Rupert Centre which is located less than a minute’s drive from our accommodation in Middle Street. The Neo-Gothic building was first used as a site of worship for a Sotho tribe called the Mantatees. It is currently used as an art centre and showcases a number of exhibitions by prominent South African artists.

  • The Owl House of Nieu-Bethesda

For those looking to explore a little farther from our accommodation, a day trip to the Helen Martins Owl House is a wonder to behold. Helen Martins is today recognised as a world-famous artist, who utilised any materials and articles she could find to create a world of fantasy inside and outside of her home. Her multi-coloured residence is showered with bright glass and concrete creations. Designed as an escape from her real-life surroundings and failing health, the Owl House is a strong testament to the beauty humans can create from ugliness.

  • The Ganora Fossil & Artifact Museum

While you’re in Nieu-Bethesda, be sure to take a trip to the Ganora Fossil & Artifact Museum, boasting fossils estimated to be around 280 million years old. From a fossil workshop to a fun fossil walk, you will learn all about prehistoric animal fossils and a little of what life was like before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

For a marvellous stay at our self-catering Graaff-Reinet accommodation, KarooRus is sure to impress you. Book a few nights of rest and relaxation with us, and explore a whole new world of history and thrilling discoveries.

Self-Catering Accommodation Graaff-Reinet

10 Benefits of a Holiday Stay at Our Self-Catering Accommodation in Graaff-Reinet

Self-catering accommodation is a great way to enjoy a stay at any location. This is because you get to decide what kind of meals you will make and how to spend your time while enjoying both privacy and a little time to yourself. Whether you want to sleep in and enjoy a lazy day off or go out on an early morning jog, it’s all up to you. Our self-catering accommodation, KarooRus, offers just this – with the added delight of a stay in our charming town, Graaff-Reinet. Here are ten benefits of booking your stay with us.

  1. Explore the Heart of the Karoo

Graaff-Reinet is considered the “Gem of the Karoo” and offers plenty of exciting sights to see and things to do. Enjoy fishing, birdwatching, game drives and guided walks, or a visit to the famous John Rupert Theatre.

  • Get in Touch with Nature Again

Graaff-Reinet is surrounded by breathtaking natural wonder. The Camdeboo National Park surrounds this town, which is located in the horseshoe bend of the Sundays River. Within a few minutes’ drive away also lies the Karoo National Park and the spectacular Valley of Desolation.

  • Reduce Your Stress Levels

One night spent in our self-catering accommodation and you will come to know the meaning of tranquillity. We are located in a peaceful neighbourhood, and the views of the overlooking Sneeuberg Mountain Range is sure to help you escape your daily stresses.

  • Embrace a Change of Pace

Graaff-Reinet is known for its small-town charm and slow, easy-going pace. Here, you are far away from a bustling metropolis. Welcoming townsfolk and the calm atmosphere will help you slow down and appreciate the small things.

  • Discover New Cuisine

Our town is tourist-oriented, which is why we have some of the best restaurants in the country. Stop by Pioneers, Polka, or Coldstream for superb meals. You could also delight in some delectable Karoo lamb using our braai facilities.

  • Dive into Some History

Graaff-Reinet is the fourth oldest town in South Africa, and our self-catering accommodation is a stone’s throw away from over 220 heritage sights around the town. You also have the opportunity to visit the town’s four major museums and learn all about the history of the Karoo.

  • Bond with Loved Ones

What better way to spend time with family, friends and loved ones than a luxury stay at our self-catering accommodation or a leisurely stroll through our fascinating streets.

  • Learn About Local Culture

Small hamlets, farmsteads, and curio shops across the town each offer a story, and you are sure to learn much from the legends, folk tales, and myths known throughout Graaff-Reinet.

  • Privacy and Self-catering Ease

Our accommodation boasts seven units, each with their own private entrance and self-catering kitchenette with modern appliances. You are free to enjoy your room and make meals as you see fit.

  1. Lavish Lodging

We spoil our guests with warm hospitality, luxury furnishings, quality bed linen, and even DStv access. Whatever you need, simply ask us and well will strive to see to it your requirements are met.

To enjoy these benefits, simply book your stay with us using our online tool here, or contact us for more information.

Accommodation Graaff-Reinet

Enjoy the 19th-Century Charm of Graaff-Reinet With a Stay in Our Accommodation

Escaping to another time and place is rare these days; it may seem almost as if every corner of the country is permeated with a striving towards modern society’s rat race. Once in a while, it’s nice to just get away from it all – away from the blaring sirens, roaring traffic, and overcrowded cities. For a little peace and quiet, there is no place quite like the Gem of the Karoo – Graaff-Reinet. If you have been looking for a vacation spot that is out of the way, our accommodation in this quaint town is perfect for you.

Why Graaff-Reinet Offers a Great Getaway

For those who enjoy exploring places with a rich and deep history, then this is one town for you. The infrastructure is still reminiscent of an era gone by, and because it is the fourth oldest town in South Africa, many of the buildings are continually maintained and restored to their original personality. Old Cape Dutch architecture lines the streets and over 220 buildings have been proclaimed as national heritage sites. The town was established in 1786 and lies in the quiet shadow of the awe-inspiring Sneeuberg mountain range in the Eastern Cape. Right in the bend of the Sundays River, Graaff-Reinet is full of both natural and historical curiosities. Within the town, there are four museums that are home to memorabilia, fossils, art, and almost anything else that paints the story of the Karoo’s remarkable history.

There is no shortage of things to do here, either. The town is surrounded by the Camdeboo National Park, which boasts 249 bird species, 43 mammal species, and 336 plant species. A visit to the Valley of Desolation also offers spectacular views of this untamed world, but you could also stick closer to the town and visit some of its many endearing shops and restaurants.

About Our Accommodation

Situated within the picturesque Graaff-Reinet is our accommodation, KarooRus. Whether for a business stay over, guests travelling through, or those seeking an inspired breakaway, we offer luxury, self-catering lodging in the region. Our guest house is a restored home complete with seven fantastic units, all ideal for cosy living. Each unit has its own private entrance and beautiful interior furnishings. Our units feature some of the following:

  • Luxurious bedding and linen
  • Spotless en-suite bathrooms
  • A well-equipped kitchenette with modern appliances
  • DStv-access television
  • Elegant wooden flooring
  • Cleaning services

Not only are our accommodation units spacious, but you are bound to feel at home with our homey décor and finishes. We make it our mission to spoil each guest with warm hospitality and we will let you in on a few well-kept secrets when it comes to the best places in town to eat and shop. Our premises also have braai facilities, so you and your party can enjoy some authentic Karoo lamb chops on the grill. Ours is a quiet neighbourhood and our secure parking ensures your vehicle is safe.

If you are keen on booking your lodging with our accommodation in Graaff-Reinet, feel free to use our easy online booking tool.

Guesthouse Graaff-Reinet

5 Things to Expect When you Stay at Our Guesthouse in Graaff-Reinet

Nestled in the shadow of the Sneeuberg mountain range, right in the heart of the world-renowned Karoo, is a town that most people who visit never again forget: Graaff-Reinet. As the fourth oldest town in South Africa, Graaff-Reinet has a rich history and attracts tourists from all over the county and the world. If you find yourself making your way through the Eastern Cape and wish to experience the charm this location has to offer, be sure to book a stay with our guesthouse. Here are five things you can expect when booking your blissful escape with our fantastic accommodation.

  1. The Warmest Welcome

As the name suggests, KarooRus is a place for guests to enjoy rest and relaxation surrounded by the natural beauty of the Karoo. The Sundays River, nearby Camdeboo National Park, and views of the local mountain range mean that outsiders passing through are treated to sightings of a variety of animals, plants, and birds. This is possibly why Graaff-Reinet has been affectionately dubbed the “gem of the Karoo”. Our guesthouse itself is a restored home with tons of character to it, carefully remodelled to include seven self-catering units, beautifully furnished for cosy living. We welcome each guest that pays us a visit with the greatest hospitality and take care to ensure all their needs are met.

  • Stylish Living Facilities

We pride ourselves on being a home away from home from our guests from all walks of life. Luxurious bedding and linen, quaint kitchenettes, and spotless en-suite bathrooms mean that you can kick back and relax in comfort while we make sure your stay at our guesthouse is fabulous.

  • Self-catering and Dine-out Options

For guests who enjoy making their own meals, the kitchenettes in our guesthouse are fully equipped with all required appliances such as a microwave, stove, toaster, kettle, and fridge, as well as utensils. We have on-site braai facilities for guests who want to try some authentic Karoo lamb chops, and several top restaurants in the town of Graaff-Reinet offer a variety of tasty flavour fusions.

  • A Town Drenched in History

As the oldest town in the Eastern Cape, tourists are delighted to find that over 200 buildings are claimed as National Monuments in the area. There is even an entire street restored to its original 19th-century presence, to give residents and visitors a feel of what the history of the town was really like. A visit to the famed Reinet House, an old residency museum, offers exciting insights into the past, and also features one of the largest living grapevines in the world in its very own garden.

  • Plenty to See and Do

Enjoy a game drive at the Camdeboo National Park, visit the John Rupert Theatre, or journey to the tiny church village of Nieu-Bethesda – you will never run out of things to do here. It’s also a great place for photography boffins who enjoy documenting vast landscapes and natural wonders

For a stay at our guesthouse in Graaff-Reinet, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Accommodation Graaff-Reinet

Could Our Accommodation in Graaff-Reinet Be the Getaway for You?

Here at KarooRus, we get to welcome individuals from all walks of life into our luxury accommodation in Graaff-Reinet, the “Gem of the Karoo”. From families to singles seeking a break, our beautifully furnished rooms are your ultimate home away from home. Situated in Graaff-Reinet– a town voted best in South Africa – lies our self-catering accommodation ideal for anybody just looking for a change of pace. Explore the town in all its historical beauty or take in the marvellous natural surroundings of the area, it’s all up to you.

For the Stressed-Out Employee

Stress is helpful when it comes to getting work projects done or the motivation needed to complete a task, but too much simply isn’t great for our health. If you feel as though you are living on overdrive when it comes to your deadlines and responsibilities at work and home, taking a break will do you the world of good. The atmospheric town of Graaff-Reinetis a tranquil contrast to the demands of a hectic work schedule, and our comfortable accommodation truly affords the feeling of respite.

For the Family Who Wants a Break

If your family is accustomed to the same routine, day in and day out, then a change of scenery is great for everyone. Young or old, your loved ones will enjoy our homey accommodation in Graaff-Reinet and nearby activities such as game drives, guided walks, swimming, fishing, and all the local attractions surrounding the area.

For the Creative in Need of Inspiration

Staring at the same office space or home gets a little dull after a while, which is precisely why creative types enjoy a visit to our old-world town. New sights, smells, and even flavours are sure to ignite a fresh creative spark and get those inspired juices flowing. The change of pace will also give you a little perspective and help you to view those upcoming projects in a different way.

For the Couple Seeking Alone Time

Whether you are seeking a honeymoon vacation, anniversary celebration, or just a romantic holiday for two, our accommodation in Graaff-Reinet is perfect. Enjoy the small-town charms of the treasure trove we call home and treat yourself to the shops, restaurants, and museums which are sure to help the two of you bond. Each night, you get to retire to a beautifully decorated room complete with all the amenities you need to enjoy an intimate, cosy stay with the one you love.

For the Weary Traveller

If you happen to be passing through the area and just need a place to rest and recuperate, allow us to take care of you. With luxuries such as DStv, top-quality bedding and linen, and free Wi-Fi, you might even feel refreshed enough to explore the delights of the town and visit the nearby high-calibre restaurants or the Camdeboo National Park in the area.

For the young and young at heart, a visit to our Graaff-Reinet accommodation is something you must try at least once in your life! For more information on booking your anticipated stay with us, simply click here.

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