Graaff-Reinet, Camdeboo, and Karoo Self-Catering Guesthouse Options

Graaff-Reinet, the fourth oldest town in South Africa, is a jewel in the crown of the Camdeboo district of the Karoo. It is also the home of our self-catering guesthouse, which is the preferred accommodation option for many travellers and visitors of our fascinating, ancient section of the Karoo.


“Camdeboo” is said to have evolved from a Khoi word meaning “green hollow”, an apt description of the features surrounding Graaff-Reinet, particularly the adjacent Camdeboo National Park’s Valley of Desolation, with its unique dolerite rock formations and sheer cliff faces that tower to a height of around 120 metres over the steep gorges in the green valley below. It is easy to picture this wildly magnificent valley as a sanctuary of the ancient Khoi.

For tourists and visitors of Graaff-Reinet, who choose from the town’s accommodation options and decide to stay at our affordable, luxurious self-catering guesthouse, the Camdeboo National Park is a must. A few hours or even days spent at the park is a feast for nature lovers’ senses. More than 220 bird species have been recorded here. Among them is the heaviest bird to fly in the African skies, the rare Kori Bustard, weighing in at 5,5- to 19kg, and the regal Black Eagle, always on the hunt for prey.

Our 43 mammal species include the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra, Buffalo, and numerous types of antelope, including Kudu, which roam freely through the park’s 336 species of flora. It is a paradise for wild creatures, picnickers, photographers, and hikers alike.

Certified Karoo Lamb

The Great Karoo is a vast semi-arid to arid desert, encompassing an expanse of territory that stretches across a 400 000 km2 area that includes parts of four provinces. The Karoo is perhaps best-known for its production of Karoo lamb and the Karoo bossies (scrub-like bushes and shrubs) that occur naturally, and on which great herds of sheep graze.

This aromatic vegetation imparts a unique and distinctive flavour to meat, the likes of which originate only here. In fact, officially, Karoo lamb is now a certified food of origin, giving it a similar status to other protected products/brands of origin like Champagne and Parma ham.

Self-Catering Options at Graaff-Reinet’s KarooRus

self-catering in graaff-reinetOur seven individual guest units, at KarooRus, are fully equipped for visitors of Graaff-Reinet and Camdeboo who choose to cater (or braai succulent Karoo lamb) for themselves. Each spacious air conditioned, en suite unit has its own entrance, dining area, and flat screen TV with DStv. Units are aptly named after Karoo bossies/people with ties to the Khoikhoi or regions, without which the Karoo lamb that you enjoy would not be the same. Our available units are as follows:

  • Hantam: flatlet, which sleeps four
  • Granaatbos: two bedroom unit, which sleeps four
  • Norsdoring: luxurious twin bed option that sleeps four
  • Nama: compact twin unit for two people
  • Spekboom: luxury option for four
  • Kambro: double room unit, which accommodates four guests
  • Ngunibos: exceptionally spacious unit for a group of six


The Options and Choices are Yours

Typically, it is very convenient for our KarooRus guests to opt for self-catering, because they can come and go and have meals as and when they please. Nonetheless, it is also equally convenient for them to take a short walk to the Graaff-Reinet town centre, to dine, shop, visit, and view heritage sites, historical buildings, museums, and art galleries, or simply stop and chat to the warm-hearted, welcoming Graaff-Reinet residents. The options are there and the choices are yours.

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