Graaff-Reinet Guest House Rates

Rates, Taxes, and Responsibilities of a Guest House in Graaff-Reinet

A simple Graaff-Reinet accommodation search on Google will show how different rates can be, but what are the main criteria a guest house uses to determine rates? Why does every guest house have a different price per room? Surely a three-star self-catering room should be the same as another three-star in the same town.

The reality of rates is that prices are not just made up on the spot, but are calculated. There are a lot of different things that are included with the rates. Things that guest house owners have to keep in mind include:

  • Water and Electricity. Every month, the price can differ depending on how much water and electricity each guest uses. This includes air-conditioning, kitchen equipment, TVs, hair dryers, and charging electronic devices. It also includes showers, washing dishes, and how much water guests drink.
  • Staff Salaries. They are a very important part of managing and running a guest house, and need to receive enough money to keep them happy and prevent them from trying to find a better paying job. Without good staff, a guest house cannot operate properly.
  • Wi-Fi and DStv. This has become a must-have for most people, but it can be pricey for guest house owners and therefore impacts the running costs of accommodation.
  • Possible Damages. Breakages and other unplanned disasters are always a possibility. Running a guest house also means you should have plans in place for what might go wrong, such as a leaking toilet or a broken air con, which means you should have money in reserve to cover an emergency. In addition to this, guest houses must plan for the replacement of items, such as new linin, pillows, TVs etc.
  • Marketing. Guest house owners need to advertise, and use booking systems and websites to get people to know and remember them. Systems like this are expensive, and advertising costs are a continued expense.
  • Profit. Owners need to make sure that they ask enough to cover all of their own costs and still make a profit.

Graaff-Reinet Guest HouseTravellers will often say that money means quality. If you want to stay in a luxury room, you should not be afraid to pay up. Graaff-Reinet has a wide variety of guest houses available for all kinds of guests, with varying rates. Generally, the more you pay, the greater quality you get for your money. In saying that, there are those delightful exceptions where you get superb quality for fair prices. There is one guest house that stands out above the rest. KarooRus self-catering guest house is not only one of the best in Graaff-Reinet, but in the entire Karoo. Affordable pricing gets you well-appointed, spacious rooms with top-quality linin and bedding.

We have seven fully equipped units, each with a private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, safe parking space, DStv, air-conditioning, and uncapped Wi-Fi. We are pet-friendly and also have facilities for people with disabilities. We have baby baths and camping cots available on request. We are located in the heart of Graaff-Reinet, within walking distance from most attractions.

For more information about our rates, or to book your unit today, feel free to contact our specialised team today.

Book Accommodation Graaff-Reinet

Be an Early Bird and Book Accommodation in Graaff-Reinet

When it comes to booking accommodation, people often underestimate how early they have to book. In Graaff-Reinet, guests often book their accommodation months in advance, to ensure they get the best lodging possible.

Graaff-Reinet is a very popular town for various reasons. As it is halfway between Gauteng and Cape Town, it is an ideal stopover for travellers. Graaff-Reinet hosts a variety of events like the Karoo Stoep Wine Tasting weekend in May, school reunions in August, the KarooRus festival in September, and a variety of sporting activities that take place throughout the year. Other activities include hiking, fishing, hunting, and fossil hunting to name a few.

According to guests, Graaff-Reinet is one of the best small towns in South Africa and is a wonderful place to choose when planning your next trip. With all there is to see and do, there will never be a dull moment.

With most of the key events, accommodation is booked out months in advance. December is the busiest time on any guest house calendar and bookings are made up to a year beforehand, which means you will struggle to find last-minute accommodation.

Accommodation Graaff-ReinetNot only will booking earlier guarantee that you get the best accommodation, but it can often save you money. By booking early, some guest houses will offer you the previous year’s rates, or even give you a discount for your early booking. Some guest houses and hotels increase their accommodation costs over the peak seasons like school holidays and summer, but will also lower the price in the off season.

Even if you are not price sensitive, finding suitable accommodation in Graaff-Reinet during peak periods will always be a challenge. You might still find accommodation, but the quality will not be what you want or expect. The best accommodation is always snapped up early, so last-minute availability could indicate the fact that no one else was willing to spend the night there. Booking before you arrive can guarantees you get the best accommodation.

Even though there are a lot of different accommodation options available in Graaff-Reinet, one name stands out above the rest. KarooRus is a self-catering guest house, with seven fully equipped units, each with a private bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. With top-quality bedding and crisp linin, sleeping over is a luxurious experience. There is a private entry to each unit and also safe parking. KarooRus is child-friendly, and also caters for the handicapped. We are also pet friendly, and baby baths and camping cots can be provided if requested. We also provide braais and wood.

KarooRus is known for its modern comforts, combined with old-fashion charm. Each unit is equipped with DStv, air-conditioning, electric blankets, and uncapped Wi-Fi. KarooRus is also located in the heart of Graaff-Reinet, and is an easy walk or quick drive from most attractions, activities, restaurants, and shops.

To book your next comfortable and luxurious accommodation in the heart of Graaff-Reinet, contact our team today.

Better early than in a hurry.

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