Guest Houses in Graaff-Reinet

3 Reasons Why We Are One of the Best Guesthouses in Graaff-Reinet

When travelling to or through Graaff-Reinet, you have a wide selection of guesthouses to choose from where you can stay. Considering the location, this is definitely no surprise – the town is an absolute gem and offers you as a visitor so much more than you might suspect.

Guest Houses in Graaff Reinet

As the fourth oldest town in South Africa, you can just imagine the heritage, culture, and beautiful architecture that is prevalent throughout Graaff-Reinet. In fact, many of the guesthouses are either housed in some of these incredible buildings, or located so that visitors can make the most of these attractions with the least amount of effort.

KarooRus is one of these exceptional guesthouses in Graaff-Reinet, and here are just some of the top reasons why we should be your top choice when travelling to this region:

  1. Comfortable Accommodation That Caters to Your Needs

When travelling, comfort is of the utmost importance, and you will get plenty of that at KarooRus. This beautifully restored home features seven self-catering units of varying sizes, depending on the size of your party. Free parking is available to all guests, and all the rooms have their own private entrance for your convenience.

Furthermore, each unit boasts a fully functional kitchenette, complete with stove, microwave oven, fridge, toaster, and kettle, as well as all necessary kitchen utensils. There is also a braai area available. However, if you prefer dining out, there are a number of magnificent restaurants, many within walking distance of the guesthouse.

  1. Top Location for All Types of Travellers

KarooRus is one of the best located guesthouses in Graaff-Reinet. Situated in the historical centre of town, it is walking distance from most of the top attractions in town. And there are plenty of attractions…

As the fourth oldest town in South Africa, there are plenty of monuments, architectural attractions, museums, and galleries, all within walking distance of the guesthouse. This includes the famous Dutch Reformed Church and The Recollection Village and Museum.

Just a short drive out of town will take you to the incredible Camdeboo National Park, home to the breathtaking Valley of Desolation. The park itself also features an abundance of wildlife – perfect for game drives and bird watching.

  1. Tripadvisor Agrees: Karoorus Is Tops

For those who are not familiar with TripAdvisor, it is one of the leading online travel companies globally. It is used by millions of travellers monthly to rate, share, and compare rates, experiences, and reviews of destinations across the world. KarooRus is one of the highest-rated guesthouses in Graaff-Reinet with a 4,5 star “Excellent” rating across 94 reviews.

If you have plans to travel to or through Graaff-Reinet, treat yourself to the best of the guesthouses available. Contact KarooRus today, or book your stay online. And, if you did not have plans to come here, start making those plans now. You deserve a getaway that is both magical and relaxing. We are waiting to welcome you with open arms, and to share our wonderful town with you.

Accommodation in Graaff-Reinet

Warm and Welcoming Accommodation in the Heart of Graaff-Reinet

South Africa is a country brimming with incredible treasures, yet few of these shine as brightly as one of the greatest jewels in the crown of the Eastern Cape: Graaff-Reinet. If you have not been to this charming town yet, book your accommodation as soon as possible and treat yourself to a memorable escape to one of the most beautiful and welcoming regions of our wonderful country.

Accommodation in Graaff Reinet

Being such a great destination with numerous attractions for almost any and every type of tourist and adventurer, you have many accommodation options to choose from in Graaff-Reinet. However, when it comes to the most welcoming, best located, and certainly the most convenient accommodation in Graaff-Reinet, there is one clear winner: the KarooRus self-catering guesthouse.

KarooRus can be found in Middel Street, close to the historical centre of town, yet just out of the way enough to provide you with that extra peace and quiet you would expect when escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city life for a relaxing getaway.

Just around the corner from the KarooRus accommodation is one of the most striking attractions of Graaff-Reinet and a definite must see – the prominent and beautiful Dutch Reformed Church. Also in the vicinity, you will find the Reinet House Museum, the Hester Rupert Art Museum, and the impressive Obesa Cacti Nursery. These are just a small selection of the multitude of museums, galleries, and attractions in the area, and all are within 10 minutes’ walking distance from KarooRus.

The KarooRus guest house offers convenient self-catering accommodation that provides you with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. However, you will also find a fine selection of restaurants in close proximity. Enjoy the authentic hospitality of Graaff-Reinet – as well as the mouthwatering local food at favourites, such as Our Yard Restaurant, the Pioneers Restaurant and Pub, or The Muller House.

It is also of interest to know that the town is basically surrounded by the majestic Camdeboo National Park. Just a short journey out of town will take you to one of the most breathtaking natural wonders – the Valley of Desolation. With views that stretch as far as the eye can see, and intriguing rock formations that were formed hundreds of millions of years ago, it is a sight to behold. In addition to the spectacular landscape, the park is also home to an abundance of wildlife, making it a perfect destination for game drives and bird watching.

The region is also home to a number of charming farm stalls and curio shops for those who like to indulge in some treats and local flavours, as well as exhilarating outdoor activities for those who are seeking a bit of an adrenalin rush as part of their holiday experience.

Live a little and treat yourself to a getaway that is out of the ordinary and has it all. Slow down to a different pace and open your eyes to the beauty of the Eastern Cape. Contact KarooRus today to book your luxury self-catering accommodation in Graaff-Reinet. We are waiting to welcome you into our world with open arms.

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