Some Good Reasons to Choose Self-catering Accommodation in Graaff-Reinet

Although its name is derived from a Khoikhoi word meaning desert, the Karoo is certainly not an area of rolling sand dunes and perpetual drought. More accurately described as a semi-arid region, it is not a clearly designated area with well-defined borders but extends into all the Cape’s provinces and even the Highveld region. While today’s motorists can travel on the N1 from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Pretoria and beyond in safety, and call at one of the many small Karoo towns for sustenance or overnight accommodation, this was not always the case. During the early days of the Cape Colony, this region formed an almost impenetrable barrier for those intrepid souls who felt driven to venture northwards.

Mankind, however, has always been noted for its determination to overcome such challenges and, in time, a route was established. Along the way, many families chose to cut short their trek and to establish the farms that would later drive the growth of neighbouring towns. One such town is Graaff-Reinet and, like many of the others in this region, it is steeped in history. Far more than a convenient one-night stopover for the tired traveller, this picturesque town, the fourth-oldest in South Africa, has gradually become a favoured destination for many visitors who share a desire to learn more of that history and of the everyday lives of those whose home is the Karoo. Catering for their needs with accommodation and dining facilities now provides an important contribution to the town’s economy.

Many of those who are attracted to the region choose the self-catering option. Most do so for two main reasons. Firstly, many are staying for just a couple of days and this allows them more time in which to explore the town and its surrounding at leisure without the constraint of being tied to fixed mealtimes. The second is perhaps an even more compelling reason given that, in Graaff-Reinet, there is an unusually large number of eateries from which to take your pick and at which to savour traditional Karoo cuisine that is simply out of this world.

Opting for a self-catering stay, however, certainly does not mean having to rough it, as anyone who has ever spent a night or two at KarooRus will be guaranteed to tell you. Located in the heart of the town, it offers secure, off-street parking and each of the six luxury apartments has its own private entrance and is independently alarmed. Further accommodation is available in the form of a self-contained flat on its own private stand. All of the units have air-conditioning, a private en-suite bathroom with shower (or a bath, on request), a flat-screen TV with access to a DStv bouquet and a well-equipped kitchenette and breakfast nook with a complimentary supply of tea and coffee. Given that this is the home of Karoo lamb chops, this sought-after accommodation in Graaff-Reinet has not overlooked the importance of a braai area.

Whether you’re in town on business; there to explore its museums with their artefacts from the Great Trek and the Boer Wars; to admire the dolerite pillars in the Valley of Desolation; or to enjoy the fascinating flora and fauna of the nearby Camdeboo National Park, let KarooRus be your comfortable base.

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