A Warm South African Welcome from a Graaff-Reinet Guest House

Of all the charming places in South Africa, you can expect to find real, true, and sincere hospitality at one of the finest guest houses in this country’s fourth oldest town – Graaff-Reinet. Graaff-Reinet is a quaint and picturesque town in the Eastern Cape province, where visitors and guests are warmly welcomed, and made to feel right at home, when travelling for business or leisure.

A Place of Sanctuary and Rest

This is where you will find our guest house, KarooRus, in the centre of Graaff-Reinet, in Middel Street, to be precise. KarooRus is a place where you can find sanctuary and rest in the relatively arid to semi-arid southern Karoo region of the Eastern Cape.

The Karoo is an extensive area, which is known for its unique, vast, seemingly endless, and sparsely inhabited landscapes, as well as its Karoobossies, which are shrub-like Karoo bushes with names that go back to the region’s past inhabitants – the ancient Khoikhoi. At KarooRus, we have named our seven luxurious self-catering rooms by utilising names inspired by Karoo vegetation and regions, such as Hantam, Kambro, Nama, Spekboom, Granaatbos, Noorsdoring, and Ngunibos.

Fabulously Famous Karoo Lamb

Some of the Karoo’s other principle claims to fame include mohair, ostrich and sheep farming, and best of all, Karoo lamb, deliciously prepared and served, as only South Africans know how to.

Succulent Karoo lamb dishes are prominent on the menus of several of the fine restaurants that can be found in Graaff-Reinet’s selection of excellent eateries, most of which are within convenient walking distances from our KarooRus guest house. Our guests, who may not want to self-cater all their meals, or those who only want comfortable, clean overnight accommodation and dinner, are delighted with Graaff-Reinet’s dining options and warm hospitality, with or without the inclusion of Karoo lamb.

Destination – Graaff-Reinet

Graaff-Reinet is a destination in its own right. There are so many fascinating and interesting things to see and do in and around our town, that it is almost a sin to only stop for an overnight rest without seeing our attractions. Our guest house is the perfect base from which to do so, for several days, if possible.

Other than making your reservation and checking in on the day of your arrival, you do not need to lift a finger at KarooRus guest house. Our helpful and honest housekeeping personnel take care of the neatness and cleanliness of your accommodation during your stay with us. This allows you more time to enjoy the attractions of our region, in carefree comfort.

Some of the noteworthy sights in Graaff-Reinet include around 200 historical buildings that reflect the town’s heritage. Most of these have been carefully restored and are now national monuments. Many of them have Cape Dutch or Victorian heritage and architectural styles.

On the outskirts of Graaff-Reinet, you will find the Camdeboo National Park and the Valley of Desolation, with its 120m-tall dolerite formations and columns that majestically and mysteriously overlook the park and its plains. A host of activities are on offer within the Camdeboo National Park.

With so much to enjoy in and around Graaff-Reinet, choose guest house accommodation that allows you to come and go as and when you please, without disturbing other guests. KarooRus may become one of your favourite South African destinations.

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