Comfort, Security and Convenience Important to Overnight Accommodation in Graaff-Reinet

If you happen to be planning an overnight stay in Graaff-Reinet, finding just the right accommodation is no less important than if you were visiting one of the country’s larger towns or cities. Small compared to the urban sprawl typical of a Johannesburg, Pretoria, or Cape Town, this fourth-oldest of the nation’s formal settlements is, nevertheless, an important destination for many people, and for a variety of differing reasons.

Its age alone has made this picturesque Karoo town a magnet for those who have a desire to learn more of the early history of South Africa and of its first settlers. These intrepid men and women, despite being faced by countless hardships and embroiled in one war after another, eventually prevailed to make this land their own and to establish the agriculture, commerce and industry that are the foundations of our modern society and crucial to the national economy.

Located in one of the more arid regions of the country, many of those who choose to find some overnight accommodation in Graaff-Reinet do so with a view to exploring the area that surrounds it, namely the Camdeboo National Park. The park covering an area of almost 200 km2 is home to a sufficient range of fascinating flora and fauna to justify a couple of out-of-town excursions.

It lies in an area that forms part of the widely-acclaimed Valley of Desolation. Characterised by its rows of towering dolerite columns that stand like sentinels keeping watch over those below, the view from their peaks across the valley and of the historic Karoo town beyond is guaranteed to take your breath away. Just a short drive from the town and accessible by car for just a small fee paid at the gate, this is definitely a spot that no visitor to this part of the Karoo ought to miss.

No visit to the Karoo would be complete without sampling its most famous product – the succulent lamb that compares with the very best in the world. Graaff-Reinet is exceptionally well supplied with high-quality restaurants that are often the first port of call for visitors to the town as soon as they have booked in at their chosen overnight accommodation.

Many of those who spend an evening in the town are there on business. Many of these will need to spend a portion of their free time preparing a sales presentation for the following day and thus an atmosphere of privacy and free of potential interruptions can be a great help. For this reason, businesspeople frequently prefer to cater for themselves rather than booking into a guest house or a full-service hotel where meals are served at set times and the comings and goings of other guests can be an unwanted distraction.

KarooRus is a self-catering establishment that has gone the extra mile, not just to provide an atmosphere of privacy, security, peace, and quiet but also to include a little luxury. Centrally located and conveniently close to most of the shops, restaurants, and museums in Graaff-Reinet, each of our six tastefully furnished, air-conditioned units has its own private entrance, secure parking, and contains everything necessary to ensure that our overnight accommodation fully meets the expectations of our guests.

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