Three Reasons to Stay Overnight in Graaff-Reinet

Booking overnight accommodation in Graaff-Reinet is certainly recommended if you want to at least see some of the attractions that have made this town so famous. We take a look at three of the attractions below.

Hester Rupert Art Museum

Located in Church Street, the Hester Rupert Art Museum is in a historical significant building. It is the fifth oldest church building in the country, dating back to the early 1800s. The building is one of only three church buildings left that were designed according to the cruciform style from the Old Dutch Reformed Church.

The Rembrandt Group, under chairmanship of Dr Anton Rupert, bought the old Dutch Reformed building in the sixties and restored it to serve as an art museum. Today, you will be able to see some of the best South African artworks in the museum. The museum was named in honour of Hester Rupert, the mother of Dr Anton Rupert. It became a national monument in 1968. With over 125 artworks on display, largely consisting of artworks from the prominent artists of the sixties, it provides a glimpse into the creative richness of the South African arts of the time.

John Rupert Theatre

Still on the art front, the John Rupert Theatre, located at 23 Parsonage Street, is another reason why you would probably have to make use of overnight accommodation in Graaff-Reinet. The theatre plays host to two film screenings per month. The first is shown on the first Wednesday evening of every month and the matinee is presented on the third Saturday of every month. The theatre is managed by volunteers, and if you are fortunate enough, you may even be in town when they host one of their many plays, comedies, or musical performances.

What is especially unique about the building is that it still features the original pulpit dating back to the days when the building belonged to the Congregational Mission Church. Originally known as the “Great London” or, in Afrikaans, “Groot London”, a visit to the theatre is more than just about performances. It is also about appreciation for the architectural history of the country.

Hike in the Camdeboo National Park

Want to stretch your legs a bit? Then it is definitely recommended that you make use of the self-catering KarooRus overnight accommodation in Graaff-Reinet. This will give you time to explore one of the most beautiful national parks in the Eastern Cape, first thing in the morning. Daylight hiking tours ranging from 5 to 6 km in distance are offered in the park surrounding Graaff-Reinet.

The Camdeboo National Park is specifically known for two majestic and exceptionally unique geological formations. The one is the Valley of Desolation and the other is known as Spandau Kop. A walk amongst these formations is memorable and provides for many stunning photographic opportunities. Though you can see Spandau Kop from Graaff-Reinet, it is only once there that you realise its true wonder. You will also find a cactus labyrinth forming part of the famous Obesa Nursery near Spandau Kop.

Overnight at KarooRus and have enough time to explore natural wonders, visit gift shops, discover historical gems, and appreciate the richness and diversity of the South African cultural heritage.

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