Top Things to Do in Graaff-Reinet in the Karoo with Your Family for the Holidays

Every holiday, you have to decide what to do. Sure, you could stay at home and braai with friends and family, catch up on your favourite series, or get those small things done around the house you’ve had no time to get to. But wouldn’t it be great to do something together as a family? Do something fun, adventurous, and memorable, like visiting Graaff-Reinet in the Karoo.

Every year many visitors round up the kids and go on a road trip along Route 62 to Graaff-Reinet, one of the oldest holiday towns in South Africa. Originally established in 1876 in the Karoo, Graaff Reinet is steeped in history. The surrounding Karoo landscape is a treasure trove of fossils, but that’s not all this town has to offer. Here are a few of the top things to do with your family in the beautiful Karoo town of Graaff-Reinet.

Take A Hike in the Camdeboo National Park

If it’s your mission to get your kids away from all the computer games that seem to occupy them for hours, pack a delicious lunch, gather the troops, and head out for an adventurous hike in the Camdeboo National Park. Home to 249 bird species, 43 mammal species, and 336 types of plants, the Camdeboo National Park is also a former home of the Bushmen and as such, numerous Bushmen drawings can still be found in caves and on rock cliffs in the area. With so much wildlife, one of the most exciting things about hiking in the Camdeboo National Park is that you never know what you’re going to spot. Just keep your camera near you at all times.

Visit the Valley of Desolation

Thousands of people visit the Karoo each year and the Valley of Desolation is the foremost tourist attraction in the region. A spectacular geological phenomenon, this tourist hotspot is said to be a product of the erosive and volcanic forces of nature over a period of billions of years. Some of the earliest forms of fossils have been discovered here, indicating that life has existed in this region for at least three billion years. This is one educational outing that will go down in family history, so be sure to take many pictures.

Enjoy Adventure and Fun on the Nqweba Dam

There is hardly a family that does not enjoy spending the day on a dam, indulging in some water sports and fun in the sun. Most kids love water and adventure and what better way to get them away from the tablets and cellphones than rafting, kayaking, and tubing on the Nqweba Dam? And if you’re up for it, sign up for a family horse-riding tour or a family quad-biking tour. Give your family a chance to escape the world by visiting this gorgeous Karoo town that offers entertainment and adventure opportunities for everyone.

Your kids will be entertained every day; in fact, a weekend will hardly be enough time to see and do everything. While you’re here, stay in the superbly comfortable and luxurious KarooRus self-catering guest house.

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